First and foremost, I feel like I have to say I've never felt like a natural born teacher. I am overall a pretty quiet person, an extrovert only in certain situations. I mean, my voice physically cannot go over a certain level of sound, it is just the way I was built haha. But, one of my goals this year was to challenge myself. For all of my stay-at-home business women and entrepreneurs, you know it is extremely easy to isolate yourself. To put your head down and get through your day in the comfort of your own home. Having had a nine-to-five job prior to calligraphy, I know that typical jobs have moments where you have to step out of your comfort zone. A big speech in front of your peers or conference calls with major clients. For so many reasons I am proud I was able to create and execute this class, share a new skill set with my students, challenge myself to do something I am actually not all that great at (public speaking), while also networking and making new friends or future potential clients.

Thank you to all of the ladies that participated and enjoyed an evening of calligraphy with me. I can truly say that each student walked away showing quite a bit of improvement and a better understanding of the pointed pen. 

I am so inspired and even more confident in what I can do with my business so keep your eyes peel for the next workshop here in Lake Charles!

Worksheets: Sojourn Art & Ink
Products used: Ashbush Calligraphy
Photography: Maggie Bradshaw-Says
Venue: Stellar Beans