Capture your aesthetic.

If you have a custom project that you need help bringing to life, do not hesitate to contact me. One of my favorite items to work on are the ones that hold special meaning. Whether it is a song you composed for a loved one or a silly quote that you want calligraphed for your husband or wife, I would love to share in that moment with you.


Get creative!

If there is something that inspired you and you want to incorporate it into your wedding or event, just because you don't see it here on my website doesn't mean we can't bring it to life! Feel free to email me with any ideas that you may have.


Framed Vows/Quotes
Starting at $75

Custom Venue Illustrations
$30 per vector illustration

Custom Pieces
*Email for pricing




I cannot recommend Aryn enough!

“Aryn was such a pleasure to work with! She was in the middle of a move and was still able to deliver us a beautiful illustration of our venue quickly. She was open to all the tweaks we wanted and did so in a timely manner. I cannot recommend Aryn enough. Thank you!!!”

— Ali // Custom Venue Illustration

My favorite Etsy
experience to date!

“It was a true treat to be able to work with Aryn from Sojourn Art & Ink for a custom illustration of a family home. Aryn was very responsive, personable and went above and beyond to deliver a beautiful finished product. I will definitely be a returning customer and referring her shop in the future.”

— Erika // Custom Venue Illustration

You are amazing!

“I'm in total awe of your gift. At some point, I'd love to talk to you to simply hear from you how you did it... the bars, the notes... You're an incredibly gifted artist, Aryn. There are no words.”

— David // Custom Music Composition Piece




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