Black Sumi Ink | Sojourn Art and Ink

Sumi Ink (Black)

One of my favorite black inks! Comes in a large bottle, relatively inexpensive, and easy to use!

Dr. Ph. Martin's Iridescent Ink | Sojourn Art and Ink

Dr. Ph. Martin’s
Iridescent Ink

These iridescent inks are beautiful and come in silver, copper, gold, and more. The perfect amount of shimmer and flows beautifully on to paper.

Princeton Watercolor Brushes | Sojourn Art and Ink

Princeton Watercolor
Brushes (Heritage)
6, 8, and 16 Round

I have used plenty of brushes in the past and nothing compares to these brushes. I use them to create my watercolor maps but they also are perfect for watercolor florals and more!


Acryla Gouache
Chinese white

One of the best things to have on hand is a big tube of white gouache. If you need to mix paints for calligraphy, gouache is the go to!


Dr. Ph. Martin’s
Bleed Proof white

Straight to the point, all calligraphers have this white ink on hand. Mix in a bit of water and you have the perfect, bold white you need for your envelopes.

Ash Bush Carrot Oblique Calligraphy Pen | Sojourn Art and Ink

Ash bush calligraphy
Carrot Oblique Pen

I have used Ash Bush products since the beginning of my calligraphy journey and this carrot shaped oblique pen has been with me through it all. The best beginners pen!

Blue Pumpkin Nibs | Sojourn Art and Ink

Blue Pumpkin nibs

Another tried and true product for me. I don’t stray too far from these nibs for my projects. They, again, are a great beginners nib but honestly, I am not sure I will use anything else for my clients! You can get them in a pack of three too!

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